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This treatment is for the management of Bed Bugs, which infects both commercial and residential properties.


Bed bugs can be a serious problem. Causing health concerns ranging from itchiness to allergic reaction.

Bed Bugs are the most annoying nightmare creatures at night and gives you sleepless night.


The bed bug is the world’s best hitch hiker as they are only 0.5mm in size and can easily hide.

It infest both commercial properties such as hotels, schools and care homes and residential properties such as homes and apartment buildings, inflicting a huge burden on their inhabitants and owners.

They are impossible to prevent because they are brought into properties by people in luggage and clothing. They can also be brought into a property by external contractors, laundry services, second hand or antique furniture and even electronic devices.

Do not inadvertently “donate blood” (yours and your family’s) to this unseen enemy. Remember, bed bug infestation is difficult to detect till the problem becomes very serious. Only an aggressive, yet safe professional treatment strategy is a permanent solution for how to get rid of bed bugs in home.


Our skilled professionals are experts locating the hidden bed bug spots which are injected with bed bug killer chemicals
APC professionals can get rid of bed bugs permanently.
We Success in elimination or getting rid of bed bug permanently on accurate identification, effective and safe treatment and follows up.
You are safe, sure and secure with APC

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